Pitivi bundles

As part of the pitivi fundraiser we provide bundles for released version as well as daily built bundles for linux. The only dependency of those bundles is glibc >= 2.13.

How to use the bundle

We also made a Video tutorial explaning how to get started with the bundle

  1. Download bundle
  2. Untar the bundle with the tool of your choice
  3. Provided the Pitivi binary is in the original extracted directory, Pitivi will run straight out of the box. No system libraries or system preferences are altered.
  4. Enjoy!

You can have a look at how we build the bundles at: jenkins pitivi-bundling

Video Tutorial


If you have any question about pitivi and the campaign or you are an artist or a maintainer of an open-source component that is used (or could be used) by Pitivi, please feel free to talk to us on IRC: #pitivi on freenode or send us an email: